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About Charlene Pierce

Charlene and her husband casually dressed holing hands in front of a famous graphity covered wall in Prague

Charlene founded the Nebraska Poetry Society, a non-profit organization, to make poetry accessible to all. It is an essential mission to her as one with a disability who overcame poverty.


Her poetry and prose have appeared in the Nebraska anthologies "Misbehaving Nebraskans," "How it Looks from Here," and "Voices of the Plains." Her poetry appeared in The Good Life Review, Page and Spine, BlazeVOX, and Literary Yard.


She is a Copyeditor for the Raleigh Review and published "The Poet's Journal: A Beginner's Workbook for Writing Poetry."


By day, she is a freelance writer appearing on websites and blogs across the country and local magazines.

Charlene and her husband Shawn

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