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Charlene Pierce

Charlene Pierce is a published poet, author, and freelance writer passionate about inspiring and teaching others.

Her work has been featured in various publications, and she has authored one book on writing poetry and is working on her next, a collection of poetry.

Notebook and Pen

New Writing Workshops

Say It Better: Moving Beyond "Show, Don't Tell"

A workshop to help you write vivid descriptions and compelling metaphors

WordCraft Workshop

A fun workshop to refine your writing skills and get one-to-one coaching. We meet in person at an artsy space with positive vibes and supportive peers.

Using Poetry Techniques to Improve Your Writing

A video to make it easy to adapt the techniques poets use to elevate your writing.

New Release

Are you ready to unleash your inner poet?

The Poet’s Journal is part guidebook, part workbook, part journal — and 100% perfect for learning and practicing basic poetry writing skills.

If you’ve always wanted to write poetry but found the form intimidating, or if you’ve dabbled in poetry and want to learn more about how to write it well, then The Poet’s Journal is perfect for you!

Let poet Charlene Pierce, president of the Nebraska Poetry Society, teach you basic poetry terms and techniques that will have you writing amazing poems in no time!

"My writing greatly improved after taking Charlene's "Using Poetry to Improve Your Writing" workshop.

It's not the type of class I would normally take, since I write romance, but really glad I did."

A student who stopped me in Panera to thank me


The workshops Charlene teaches at the Nebraska Writers Guild conference are always highly reviewed.

Brandy, Treasurer of the Nebraska Writers Guild 

“Charlene has a way of describing poetry techniques that makes it easily accessible. The examples she uses and the exercises she provides are easy to adopt in my writing."

Mary, workshop participant

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